Top Things to do at Night in Oahu

Honolulu is a bustling city in Oahu. Like most cities, it offers great nightlife to visitors, beyond what you might expect from a typical tropical island.
Table of Contents 

What are the top things to do at night in Oahu? 

  1. Restaurants and Bars
  2. Dancing
  3. Karaoke
  4. Live Music
  5. Luau or Show
  6. Friday Night Fireworks
  7. Night Walk 
  8. Swimming 
  9. Sunset or Dinner Cruise

Top Things to do in Oahu at Night

Restaurants and Bars

Honolulu offers excellent restaurants and bars. You can find diverse cuisine, top notch seafood, and any ambiance you’re craving. 

Bars like Duke’s Waikiki and Mai Tai Bar are classic beachfront options. 

Sky Waikiki Raw & Bar is a seafood restaurant that sits high above the city and offers the best views of Waikiki, day or night. 

53 By The Sea has upscale oceanfront dining or The Hula Grill is a casual beachside restaurant with live music. 


Hit the dance floor in Waikiki at Hula’s Bar and Lei Stand or RumFire

Go to gay bar, Scarlet Honolulu for a wild weekend night or check out The District Night Club or Next Door in Honolulu. 



Belt it out at hole-in-the-wall In Between.

Live Music 

Grab tickets to a show at The Blue Note or Next Door

If you’re looking for casual live music, try one of the many beachfront bars in Waikiki like The Beach Bar or Mai Tai Bar


Luau or Cultural Show

Catch a little piece of Hawaiian culture at night at a luau or cultural show. Check out the 

Luau at Polynesian Cultural Center or the Aha Aina Luau Show at the Royal Hawaiian in Waikiki. 

*Because of covid, many dance, karaoke, shows and live music options are temporarily closed.

Friday Night Fireworks

Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki hosts a fireworks show every Friday night. 

Watch them on the beach for free, take a night cruise right by the fireworks, or even charter a helicopter to view them.

Night Walk 

Take a stroll along the beach in Waikiki at night or venture out onto one of Oahu’s many hikes at sunset and end your walk with a great view of the stars.


Take a night swim in popular Waikiki beach. After sunset, the beach clears out and you can have a float in the bay under the moonlight.

Be careful where you choose to swim in Oahu at any time of the day or night. Tides can be strong around the island and waves can be fierce. It’s best to stick to popular Waikiki beach for safety and make sure to have a buddy.

Sunset or Dinner Cruise

Take a sunset cocktail cruise or dinner cruise out of Honolulu. There are different packages and price points so you can find something right for you. 

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