The Ultimate Guide to Oahu Breweries

Kaka’ako is an up and coming beer neighborhood in Oahu. The area was once home to production of Hawaii’s Primo beer, launched in 1901 and popular for decades after.

Primo was acquired by Pabst and production of the beer moved out of Hawaii but the historic brewing district of Kaka’ako was reclaimed as a beer destination by local craft brewers who have started moving operations into the Honolulu neighborhood. 

In addition to Kaka’ako brews, Oahu breweries can be found in Waikiki, greater Honolulu and Oahu’s windward coast.


Oahu Breweries

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Oahu Breweries  

  1. Waikiki Brewing Company
  2. Maui Brewing Co.
  3. Honolulu Beerworks
  4. Aloha Beer Company
  5. Hana Koa Brewing Co.
  6. Beer Lab HI
  7. Kona Brewing Co.
  8. Broken Boundary Brewery
  9. Stewbum & Stonewall Brewing Co.
  10. Olomana Brewing Company
  11. Lanikai Brewing Company
  12. Inu Island Ales


Waikiki Breweries

Waikiki Brewing Company intro’d its first location in Waikiki in 2015. It is now the third largest producer of craft beer in Hawaii and offers an award winning lineup of beers, all of which are brewed on site.

Maui Brewing Co. has been producing award winning beers for more than 15 years. They make 100% of their brews in Hawaii and have a selection of island hard seltzers.

Kaka’ako Breweries

Honolulu Beerworks

Beer List

Founded in 2014, Honolulu Beerworks uses unique and locally sourced ingredients. They also have a robust and experimental barrel aging program. Their Kaka’ako pub displays works from local artists.

The Aloha Beer Company offers a variety of beer styles from ales to porters to IPAs, all brewed in house.

  • Experience Rating*: 4.6 
  • Food: Pizza + Salads + Small Plates
  • Average Beer Rating^: 3.6
  • Brew Reviews: Untappd | BeerAdvocate | RateBeer

Hana Koa Brewing Co. is a recent addition to the Kaka’ako brewing scene that set out to capture the unexpected in its brews.

  • Experience Rating*: 4.7 
  • Food: Comfort + Japanese
  • Average Beer Rating^: 3.8
  • Brew Reviews: Untappd | BeerAdvocate

Waikiki Brewing

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Other Honolulu Breweries

Beer Lab HI

Beer List

Founded in 2015, Beer Lab HI was built around experimentation. They supply local homebrewers ingredients, host homebrew competitions, and even offer sensory training workshops. A more recent addition to their operation is their cured salami, produced in house.

  • Experience Rating*: 4.7
  • Food:  Location specific – ranges from bites to Hawaiian plates
  • Average Beer Rating^: 3.8
  • Brew Reviews: Untappd | BeerAdvocate

Kona Brewing Co. “makes liquid Aloha”. They were founded on the Aloha spirit in 1994 and their vision is to reflect the spirit, culture, and beauty of Hawaii in their local craft beers. Kona Brewing Co. is now one of the best-selling craft brewers in the world. Their menu offers beer pairing suggestions so you can craft well-balanced flavors with your meal.

  • Experience Rating*: 4.4 
  • Food: Bar Food + Salads + Sandwiches + Pizza
  • Average Beer Rating^: 3.5
  • Brew Reviews: Untappd | BeerAdvocate | RateBeer

Broken Boundary Brewery was founded on a respect for tradition paired with innovation. The brewers study traditional techniques and use authentic ingredients to create their traditional styles of beer. This paired with research guides their new, innovative beers.

  • Experience Rating*: 4.8 
  • Food: No
  • Average Beer Rating^: 3.7
  • Brew Reviews: Untappd | BeerAdvocate

Stewbum & Stonewall Brewing Co.

Stewbum & Stonewall Brewing Co. opened in 2016. They are in a transitional period now as their beers are not currently in production but plan to re-release them in the future. Their tap room is now serving local brews from other breweries in a casual, bring-your-own-food environment.  

Lokahi Brewing

Lokahi Brewing has great early reviews, but no website and a location coming soon to 1160 S. King St. Honolulu.

Windward Coast (East Cost)

Olomana Brewing Company

Beer List

Olomana Brewing Company in Island Craft Beer & Gifts have a tap room serving a few of their own beers (Three Peaks Hawaii) on draught. The rest of the beer selection is from local Hawaiian brewers.

  • Experience Rating*: 4.8 
  • Food: No
  • Average Beer Rating^: 3.7
  • Brew Reviews: Untappd

Lanikai Brewing Company uses premium, rare, and exotic ingredients grown by local farmers or foraged across the Pacific. They make 100% of their brews in Hawaii and are a strong supporter of reducing environmental waste in every part of their process.

INU Island Ales is dedicated to defining the Island Ale style. They offer a variety of island punches and IPAs.

Maui Brewing Co.

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Pearlridge & Waipio

Beer Lab HI

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Other Ways to Drink Beer

Oahu Brewpubs

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*Experience Rating is from the overall Google rating of that location. 

^Average beer rating is from the overall beer rating on Untappd

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