Mai Tais & Magic; A crazy online tiki bar show


Price Per Person
















4.96 (130)


45 mins


Magic Show


More than just another online magic show... and unlike any other virtual mixology class, Mai Tais & Magic truly is an experience.

During your show, you'll enter an odd cross between a tiki bar, a magic shop and a TGIFridays! Your host is a storytelling-bartender-magician-pirate... in an aloha shirt!

You'll participate in the magic as well as make it happen! That's right, it's the Voodoo that YOU do!

LEARN insane bar bets and tricks so YOU can be the life of YOUR parties!

You'll mix-along and make the original 1944 Trader Vic's Mai Tai, you'll hear the intriguing story of its origins, and it's climb to tiki fame.

Experience bar stunts and "betchas" YOU can do at home and maybe witness a little voodoo magic... then it all builds to an incredible finale you won't soon forget.

Along the way, you will discover that your host is sharing his lifelong experiences that shaped him into an internationally known performing pirate/ magician. How visits at a very young age to the original Trader Vic's in Oakland, CA - living around the corner from a Don the Beachcomber and visits from an eccentric Great Uncle are inspiration for this Experience.

Perfect for private parties, team building or happy hour! Don't see a time listed? Let me know and if I can, I'll add it!


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