Magic & Scam for Honest People - Virtual Magic Show


Price Per Group














4.90 (114)


90 mins


Magic Show


Join a world of magic and subterfuge in this live online experience.

You’ll experience a show of magic and professional scams where you learn tricks you can use to amaze your friends and scams that will allow you to recover your child's pocket money! You will even learn psychological intricacies behind magic tricks and street scams.

This experience includes:

  • Psychology and misdirection
  • Sleight of hand and dexterity
  • Professional Tricks

"But Maxime, I don't know anything about magic, and neither do my friends!"

Perfect, this experience is designed for beginners.

"But Maxime, we are honest people!"

And that makes you great citizens who deserve a tax deduction, don't worry, everything we'll see is for fun.


This experience is not hosted by New Zeppelin and New Zeppelin makes no guarantees of the accuracy of this description or the quality of experiences hosted by outside vendors.