Why Lifestyle Travel?

Lifestyle travel means translating your stationary life into a mobile one. That’s it, no requirements, no parameters. It just frees you up to live where you’d like to live when you’d like to live there. 

Financially, you can live a travel lifestyle with exactly the same budget you’re using for your stationary lifestyle. 


Beyond the “could”, here’s why everyone “should” consider lifestyle travel: 

1. You’ll spend real time with the people you love. When you follow your career or your passion away from your hometown, you’re probably only seeing your loved ones a few times a year. When you travel full time, you can really be there with them. Spend a month closeby and have Sunday dinners, help them with their computer, build on that real relationship. 

2. You will get the local experience. When you visit somewhere on vacation, you see hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, and beaches. When you travel as a lifestyle you meet people, eat local, and see a place for what it’s really like. 

3. It opens your world. Experiencing different walks of life lets you question your own perspective and introduces new ideas and ways of thinking into your life. 

4. “Some day” may not come. Your health and finances aren’t guaranteed. If you can make it happen now, do it. Delaying your lifestyle travel will likely mean more financial responsibility and less physical fitness in years to come.  

5. The world is changing. Your dream adventures may not be the same or may not be safe or accessible by the time you’re ready to see them.

6. It will challenge you. We all seek comfort and stability but when we get too comfortable, we stop growing. Push your boundaries and grow yourself with new experiences, especially if they’re outside of your comfort zone. 

7. It makes more sense financially. For real. When you live a stationary life your expenses are fixed and you’re committed to paying them. When you’re a lifestyle traveler, you have flexibility in your expenses. Scale back if you’re in a pinch or stay with family for a little bit and go completely expense free.

Sangria and Secrets – Drag Queen Show Online

Sangria and Secrets – Drag Queen Show Online

Dive into a virtual sangria making class full of surprises and live online drag performances. Our Drag Queens will host and interact with you and explain all the secrets you need to know to make the perfect Portuguese sangria.

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