9 Excuses you Should Never Use When Working Remotely

Congratulations! You get to work remotely. 

Don’t mess it up. 

Working remotely comes with lots of challenges, especially if you’re a lifestyle traveler. You have to navigate different schedules, being disconnected from colleagues, and tech issues. 

If you’re going to keep that coveted remote job, and stay on top of your game in your career, you need to make it a priority to never let your remote status get in the way of work. 

Here are 9 excuses you need to remove from your repertoire:

  1. My WiFi is spotty. You’re responsible for your working conditions. Make sure they’re as good as they would be if you were in the office. 
  2. I’m jet lagged. Make your travel arrangements to plan for jet lag. Head there over the weekend or a few days early so you can be your best for every working hour.
  3. It’s a travel day for me. Avoid traveling during working hours. Travel on weekends and after hours. 
  4. That’s really early/late for me. Work on your team’s schedule, not your own. Take liberties when you can to get your “heads down” work done, but make sure to be available to accept calls and respond to emails on your team’s timeframe. 
  5. It’s loud here. Create a work environment equal to one in the office wherever you are.
  6. I can’t do video today. Yes you can. Put on clothes, brush your hair, show up. And make sure your background is either a plain wall or staged background. No one needs to be distracted with your video. Even if no one else does it, show your face to stay more relevant to your team.
  7. I can’t hear/see as well as everyone in the room. Tough one, but you need to find a way around it. Ask a colleague to take notes for you (and find a way to return the favor) see if you can be the designated scheduler so you can choose the room with the best sound and make sure there’s a meeting invite attached. Call IT support to have them set up video in a room for the team if you need to. Do anything it takes to be present in the room. It’s not your bosses job to take care of your remote needs and they won’t appreciate the extra work.
  8. I didn’t know about [fill in the blank]. It’s your job to stay connected within the company. Talk to people, read every company email, stay aware of what’s going on so you’re not out of the loop when it’s important.
  9. I don’t have [fill in the blank] that I need. Stay ahead of tech needs. Proactively reach out to support to replace glitchy or broken tech, ask for a better headset if you need it to participate in your work better. Buy it out of pocket and ask for reimbursement if you need to. Do whatever it takes to show up as your best self every day.

Yes, we’re all human and we all have sick days and tech troubles. 

A little preparation goes a long way with working remotely. If you anticipate everything you possibly can, you’ll get the extra slack when something truly unexpected comes up. 

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